Collaborative Projects To Help Get Through Coronavirus Stress

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Inviting the IVF community to come together to get through this difficult time with education and collaboration

The Coronavirus pandemic has initiated an international crisis with a devastating impact on the World. While some people are sick or caring for the sick, many others are furloughed without pay for the foreseeable future. Isolation can be very difficult - we have therefore co-ordinated a global collaborative team to bring embryologists around the world a unique educational and social program.

We are creating a schedule of lectures, tutorials and other activities. Virtual meetings will be held on a regular basis.

If you would like to help create or send content, please contact us.

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Vitual Meetings

Free Online Talks, Discussions and Presentations

Presentations, Lectures and Educational Material

We are working with Institues of Learning from around the world to bring you educational modules and study material.

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