Session 15: AI Part 2 - Q&A

Questions for Dr. Dan Nayot

I think the egg donor domain will be an early adopter to any egg quality assessment tool, as we currently don't have any tools to guide us

Questions for Dr. Michelle Perugini

So AI and Machine Learning models are built off of datasets. Both quality and quantity of the datasets play a role here.

So quality-wise, if there is a clear outcome and a clear coefficient (grading) for any variables, then the dataset could be considered high quality. Sometimes this can be tough, for example, if we try to create a model based off of handwritten doctors notes, some of the variables might be missing and some of the outcomes might be tough to read - low quality data.

Quantity-wise, the more the better, ultimately. If we build a model using 10 data points vs 10,000, the larger data set will give a far more accurate prediction.

Michelle Perugini: Data quality and diversity are key. This is what drives the variability seen in clinical practice to be effectively trained in the AI.

Questions for Daniella Gilboa