Session 16: ICSI - Q&A

Questions for Dr. Dean Morbeck

Questions for Dr. Caroline McCaffrey

Questions for Dr. Joe Conaghan

Questions for Dr. Karl Swann

The success rate is comparable to ICSI with sperm.

A big example is globozoospermia, which has mostly been studied in relation to PLCzeta. Levels of PLCzeta are absent, and if sperm do exhibit some PLCzeta, the localisation is abnormal.

There are also many other conditions and factors now being associated with PLCzeta abnormalities. For More detail you can refer to some very recent papers by our lab:

Events such as sperm head decondensation and nuclear condensation/envelope breakdown are also events that are calcium-dependent (as as such influenced by PLCzeta in theory).

Cell division rates, and profiles of gene expression are directly influenced by levels of PLCzeta and calcium release. If calcium levels or PLCzeta levels are too high,, cell division occurs faster, and if low then cell division is slow as well.

Calcium release and levels of PLCzeta seem to be required in a specific window for ideal embryogenesis to occur

         MC:  And… how can we get Sr2+?

Karl Swann: Sr2+ does not cause Ca2+ oscillations or activate human oocytes.  If it did, no one would ever have bothered with Ca2+ ionophores.