IVF Webinar Series

Here is the schedule of meetings with times.

Past Sessions

Session 1: IVF in the Time of COVID-19

Host / Moderator Dr Jacques Cohen 

A close look at viruses and their relevance to ART 
Dr Kay Elder

Covid-19 in Liquid Nitrogen: a potential time-bomb?
Dr Lodovico Parmegiani

Organized by the International IVF Initiative

Session 2: Breakthroughs In Cryostorage Technology

Host / Moderator Dr Jacques Cohen 

Thermographic Imaging: A Breakthrough Invention Providing an Effective and Reliable Cryogenic Storage Monitoring
Dr Zsolt Peter Nagy

Directly tracking biological samples at cryo-temperatures using a retrofit system to automate auditing and billing
Alex Parker

A robotic cryostorage solution that provides comprehensive software for both specimen and inventory management; novel labware; and, proactive environmental monitoring.
Cynthia Hudson

Organized by the International IVF Initiative

Session 3: Artificial Intelligence in ART

Host / Moderator Dr Liesl Nel-ThemaatAlex Parker

Introduction to AI in ART
Dr Dean Morbeck

AI and Embryo Selection
Dr Alejandro Badiola-Chavez

AI in PGT-A Decision-Making
Dr Mike Large 

Organized by the International IVF Initiative

Session 4: SARS-CoV-2 and IVF Revisited

Host / Moderator Dr Jacques Cohen & Dr. Dara Berger

A round table discussion to answer some of the many questions from "IVF in the time of COVID-19".

Panelists include: Dr Kay Elder  Dr Lodovico Parmegiani  Dr Pavlo Mazur  Dr Alan ParkerDr Dean MorbeckDr Alison Campbell & Dr Kimball Pomeroy.

Organized by the International IVF Initiative

Supplemental MaterialQ&A

Session 5: In vitro growth (IVG) of human ovarian follicles: future developments

Host / Moderator Dr Colin Howles & Professor Richard Anderson

In vitro growth (IVG) of human ovarian follicles: Background
Professor David Albertini

Moving IVG towards clinical application.
Professor Evelyn Telfer

Organized by the International IVF Initiative


Session 6: Introduction to Quality Control - Part I

Host / Moderator Anthony Anderson, DHSc, ELD and Eva Schenkman, MS, TS

Does Temperature Really Matter?
Thomas “Rusty” Pool, PhD, HCLD  
Quality Control in the Digital Age-
- Quality Control in the Cloud by Giles Palmer, BS
- Enhancing Quality Systems with Digital Methods by Carol Curchoe, PhD

Organized by NYMES and START Embryology Societies

Session 7: Assisted reproduction in 2049: will there still be human embryologists?

Host / Moderator Dr Jacques Cohen & Giles Palmer

Soft robotics and potential applications in assisted reproduction
Prof Mini Saaj

Automated annotation of time-lapse
Dr. Arnaud Reignier

A simple and automatic procedure of IVF and Vitrification
Dr. Amir Arav

The robotic embryology lab in a tiny box
Ana Garcia Poyo

Organized by International IVF Initiative


Session 8: Rebuilding Ovarian Function

Host / Moderator David Russell & Dr. Cassandra Roeca

Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation-Transplantation technique for Fertility Preservation- clinical management, success rates and future directions
Professor Dror Meirow

Creating an artificial ovary
Professor Christiani Andrade Amorim

Organized by University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine


Session 9: Get Your DNA Fragmentation Out of My Uterine Microbiome

Host / Moderator Anthony Anderson, DHSc, ELD and Eva Schenkman, MS, TS

"The Relevance of Uterine Microbiome in IVF Treatment"
Dr. Inmaculada Moreno 

“Sperm DNA Fragmentation and it’s Impact on IVF Outcomes"
Dr. Alicia Broussard 

Panelists: Cynthia Hudson, Dr. Shawn Breen, Dr. Sharon Anderson, & Dr. Dara Berger

Organized by AAB College of Reproductive Biology (CRB)


Session 10: Introduction to Quality Control - Part II

Host / Moderator Anthony Anderson, DHSc, ELD and Eva Schenkman, MS, TS

Indicators, KPIs and Benchmarking
David Mortimer, PhD

Our second talk is Vienna Consensus and KPIs in Action
Elizabeth Hammond, PhD 

Organized by NYMES and START Embryology Societies


Session 11: Moving Sperm Forward

Hosts Dr. Jacques Cohen and Dr. Denny Sakkas

AI Driven Innovations in Automated Semen Analysis: Building A Better Mousetrap.
Dr. Ashok Agarwal

“Nature doesn’t use a centrifuge: Microfluidics and the future of sperm preparation”
Matt Feldman 

Sperm DNA Fragmentation – Unlocking the secrets for the ART professional
Dr. Sandro Esteves 

Organized by the International IVF Initiative


Session 12: Patient-friendly and minimal approaches in assisted reproduction

Hosts Dr. Dean Morbeck & Dr. Jacques Cohen

Streamlining and Affordability of Assisted Reproduction
Dr Kevin Doody

Telemedicine and Home Ultrasonography of Follicular Development
Professor Jan Gerris 

At-home sperm collection. The future of semen analysis, sperm storage, and diagnostic services.
Tom Smith

Assisted reproduction and IN VIVO embryo development
Dr Kevin Doody

Organized by the International IVF Initiative


Session 13: "Differentiation, Isolation, Fertilization and Monopronucleation CRB Abstract Presentations While On Coronacation"

Hosts Dr. Tony Anderson & Dr. Dara Berger

Growth Differentiation Factor 9 (GDF-9) levels in spent culture media and pregnancy outcome
Khalied Kaskar, MS, TS(ABB)

Isolation, Purification and Initial RNA Sequence Analysis of Seminal Fluid Exosomes between Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Intrauterine Insemination Pregnancies
Renee J. Chosed, Ph.D.

The relationship between age and rates of abnormal fertilization following intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
Brent Hanson, M.D

Clinical Benefits of Culturing Monopronucleated Zygotes Derived from Intracytoplasmic Injection Cycles
Kathryn Wozniak, M.Sc.

Dr. Kimball Pomeroy, Dr. Arthur Chang, Dr. Melanie Clemmer, & Dr. Scott Purcell

Organized by AAB College of Reproductive Biology (CRB)


Session 14: Under Pressure: Mental Health in Reproductive Science

Hosts Giles Palmer & Dr. Marlane Angle

Embryologists: Occupational Demand & Resultant Stress Outcomes (EODRSO)
Bryan Tully 

Pressure points: UK survey data and practices
Helen Priddle 

Staying Sane: A Guide on Mind/Body Strategies for the Laboratory Professional
Alice Domar

Dr. Jacques CohenShaista Sadruddin,  Dr. Jose Castilla & Lisa Duran

Organized by International IVF Initiative


Session 15: Decision-Making, AI and ART

Hosts Alison Campbell & Charlene Alouf

Non-Invasive Embryo selection through Deep learning AI and Time-lapse imaging
Daniella Gilboa 

AI Technology to Improve Embryo Selection using Still Images
Dr. Michelle Perugini

Using Artificial Intelligence to Assess Egg Quality - Innovative Technology and Clinical Applications
Dr. Dan Nayot

Organized by the International IVF Initiative


Session 16: To ICSI or Not to ICSI: How to Maximise Success

Hosts Dr. Alison Bartolucci & Dr. Mina Alikani

Dr. Dean Morbeck 

Minimalist Approach to ICSI Use
Dr. Caroline McCaffrey

Maximizing Fertilization Rates
Dr. Joe Conaghan

How does the sperm trigger oocyte activation and what can be done if activation fails?
Dr. Karl Swann

Organized by the International IVF Initiative


Session 17: Roundtable Discussion with Experts: Daily Hands on Management of IVF Laboratory / What Works and How

Hosts Dr. Zsolt Peter Nagy & Dr. Dawn Kelk

Panelists: Dr. Alison CampbellDr. Barry BehrDr. Dean MorbeckDr. Maria Jose De Los Santos,  Dr. Yelena Pasman,  Dr. Dawn Kelk

Organized by the International IVF Initiative


Special Session: 56th Meeting of the Society for Low Temperature Biology

Host Prof Christiani Amorim - UCLouvain & Dr. Glyn Stacey

Cryobiology of ovarian tissue
Prof Ram Devireddy, Louisiana State University, USA

An overview on ovarian tissue transportation
Dr Janice Vilela, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium 

Panelists: Prof Carolina Lucci, Universidade de Brasília (Brazil)

In collaboration with I³, SLTB will organize a session on ovarian tissue cryopreservation.


Session 18: Breakthroughs in Placental and Uterine Technologies

Hosts Dr. Liesl Nel-Themaat & Dr. Thomas Jansson

Great expectations: Development of an Artificial Placenta for Extremely Preterm Infants
Professor Matthew W. Kemp 

Uterus transplantation: research and clinical aspects today and in the future
Professor Mats Brännström 

Organized by the International IVF Initiative


Session 19: Interview with Dr. Catherine Racowsky  The President of ASRM &
Dr. Cristina Magli, Chair of ESHRE

Host Dr. Jacques Cohen & Professor Kersti Lundin

i3 Special Interview: The 2 most powerful women IVF!
Listen to their career history, how they got where they are, and their hope and visions of the future for ASRM and ESHRE.

Video 1: Session 19 - Edited interviews with live Q&A
Video 2: Dr. Catherine Racowsky, President of ASRM - Full interview
Video 3: Dr. Cristina Magli, Chair of ESHRE - Full Interview

Organized by the International IVF Initiative


Session 20: The future of embryology. Technological advant-gardes in embryo selection

Lucia De Santis (President of SIERR) - 5 min introduction of the webinar

Marcos Meseguer - 20 min
"The importance of an enhanced and standardized embryo grading in the IVF laboratory: is AI the way forward?"

Maurizio Poli - 20 min
"Past, present and future strategies for enhanced assessment of embryo's genome and reproductive competence in IVF"

Open discussion - 25 min

Catello Scarica (Vice-president of SIERR)
Antonio Capalbo (member of the SIERR SIG in reproductive genetics)
Organized by the SIERR and the International IVF Initiative


Session 21: PGT-A in the Lab - Improving Outcomes and Techniques

Hosts: Dr. Gary Harton & Shaista Sadruddin

Next Generation PGT-A with NGS
Dr. Gary Harton

PGT-A for embryo selection and Concordance after Re-biopsy
Dr. Peter Nagy

How IVF Lab conditions affect PGT-A results: Biopsy and Tubing
Dr. Dawn Kelk

How IVF Lab conditions affect PGT-A results: Embryo Culture Conditions
Dr. David McCulloh

Organized by the International IVF Initiative


Session 22: Why does osmolality matter? Observations, drift, explanations, and counter measures

Hosts: Dr. Kimball Pomeroy & Brian LoManto

Laboratory Conditions Impacting Media Osmolality and pH
Dr. Jason Swain

Toward a Predictive Model for Osmolality Dynamics During Non-Humidified Incubation
Dr. Steven F. Mullen

Organized by the International IVF Initiative

This session was sponsored by COOK Medical

Q&AWhite Paper

Session 23: Laboratory Planning, Maintenance and Engineering Now and in the Future

Hosts: Dr. Jacques Cohen & Giles Palmer

What we know and do not know about requirements for lab design
Giles Palmer

IVF laboratory planning, refurbishment and new design: an architect’s perspective
Chip Calcagni

Particle and Pressure Control: A Mechanical Engineer’s Perspective
Tucker Matthews

Supervision during IVF laboratory construction or renovation
Antonia Gilligan presented by Jacques Cohen

Organized by the International IVF Initiative


Session 24: New England Fertility Society VIRTUAL MEETING SERIES ~ Part I

Donor “Anonymity” and Confidentiality in the Era of Direct-To-Consumer DNA Testing and Social Media
Presented By:
Andrea Braverman, PhD
Clinical Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine
Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

"Legally Speaking 2020": An Update on ART Law”
Ongoing developments in reproductive technologies, repro-genetics, and 3rd Party ART all create legal tensions for courts and legislatures. This presentation will update attendees on legal developments that may impact their current and future practices.
Presented By:
Susan Crockin, JD 
Crockin Law & Policy Group, PLLC
Senior Scholar, Adjunct Professor, The O'Neill Inst. for National and
Global Health Law, Georgetown Law Center
Research Assistant Professor, Kennedy Inst. of Ethics, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Evelyn Neuber, Ph.D. HCLD (ABB) 
Paula Dwan, RNC, MS, WHNP-BC 
Organized by the NEFS


Session 25: How to Keep Gametes and Embryos from Environmental Harm

Mina Alikani, USA 
Sharon Mortimer, CANADA 
David Gardner, AUSTRALIA

“The germline and the environment"
Patricia Ann Hunt, USA

"Sperm on Drugs"
David Mortimer, CANADA

"Is the Climate Crisis Affecting Reproductive Health?"
Linda Giudice, USA

Organized by ALPHA - Scientists in Reproductive Medicine


Session 26: Assisted Reproductive Technology in Endangered Species Conservation

Moderators Liesl Nel-Themaat & Thomas Elliott

Fertility Preservation and Genome Resource Banking for Rare and Endangered Animal Species
Dr. Pierre Comizzoli 

The ART of Conserving Endangered Species
Dr. Barbara Durrant

Organized by the International IVF Initiative


Session 27: Preimplantation Genetic Testing, Recent Advances in Reproductive Medicine

Moderators: Professor Darren Griffin & Dr. Gary Harton

PGT for structural rearrangements: The oft forgotten "3rd wheel”
Professor Darren Griffin 

Chromosomal profiling of preimplantation embryos: where we are and where we are going
Andrea Victor

PGT-A In the Future
Professor Joe Leigh Simpson

Organized by the International IVF Initiative


Session 28: What Genomics Dreams May Come

Moderators: Dr. Barry Behr & Dr. Helen O’Neill

Beyond Hacking Darwin
Dr. Jamie Metzl, USA

Practical Application of Polygenic Risk Scoring in the Human Embryo 
Dr. Nathan Treff, USA

Precision Medicine in Reproduction: Time for Prediction and Prevention
Dr. Helen O’Neill, UK

Organized by the International IVF Initiative


Session 29: Cryopreservation/Vitrification in Human Assisted Reproduction: Experts’ Review

TModerators: Dr. Alison Bartolucci & Dr. Zsolt Peter Nagy

Principles of Cryopreservation and Optimization of Vitrification
Dr. Jeremy Chang

The state of ART in vitrification: the best technical approaches and outcomes
Dr. Ana Cobo

Health of offspring following "frozen" embryo transfer
Professor Anja Pinborg

Organized by the International IVF Initiative


Session 30: Secrets of Implantation

Moderators: Dr. Colin Howles & Giles Palmer

Implantation - the final challenge in a complex treatment process
Dr. Juan Garcia Velasco, Spain

Zooming in on the most Fantastic Voyage
Dr. Yorgos Nikas, Greece

Is the Endometrium the new Embryo?
Professor Nick Macklon, UK

Organized by the International IVF Initiative

Session 31: Catastrophes: How do they impact our current perspectives on embryo production, cryopreservation and cryostorage management?

Moderators: Kimball Pomeroy, PhD and Dawn Kelk, PhD

"Cryostorage of Reproductive Tissues in the IVF Laboratory: ASRM Committee Opinion"
Sangita Jindal, PhD, HCLD
Summary: Catastrophic tank failures in recent years have reinforced the importance of cryogenic management in our embryo production laboratories. Based upon scientific principles and laboratory experience, best practices/minimal standards for safe and reliable storage of cryopreserved reproductive tissue have been proposed. Considering the emphasis in embryo vitrification and fertility preservation in the field of Reproductive Medicine, our goals are to optimize cryo-viability and effectively mitigate and eliminate embryo/gamete risks associated with cryopreservation and cryostorage.

"Cryopreservation and IVF in the Time of Covid-19: What is the Best Good Tissue Practice (GTP)?"
Mitchel C. Schiewe, MS, PhD, HCLD 
Unknown risks relating to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and sperm, ova and embryos necessitate a reexamining of how human IVF is performed. Over the last decade improvements in cryosurvival and live birth outcomes have been associated with zona pellucida breaching procedures (e.g., blastocyst collapsing and biopsying). In turn, today embryos are generally no longer protected by an intact zona pellucida when vitrified and in cryostorage. Additionally, high security storage containers have proven to be resilient to potential cross-contamination and reliable for routine human sperm freezing and embryo vitrification.
Several options to current IVF practices are presented that can effectively mitigate the risks of cross-contamination and infection due to the current Covid-19 pandemic or other viral exposures. The question remains, is heightened security and change warranted where the risks of disease transmission likely remains negligible.

Organized by the SRBT

Session 32: Cytoplasmic Maturity and the Acquisition of Developmental Competence in the Human Oocyte

Moderators: Dr. Thomas Pool & Dr. Gary Smith

How Oocyte Maturation Regulates the Human Embryos' Developmental Competence
Professor David Albertini 

The Continuum Between Oocyte Maturation and Early Development
Giovanni Coticchio 

Clinical IVM – The Time has Come
Rebecca Krisher 

Organized by the International IVF Initiative

Session 33: Sperm Function

Moderators: Dr. Mary Mahony & Dr. Marlane Angle

Optimizing sperm metabolism to improve function in ART.  
Dr. Kathleen Seyb

'Paternal aging and spontaneous mutations in the embryo: potential causes and consequences'
Laureate Professor John Aitken

Organized by the International IVF Initiative

Session 34: NEFS Session II

Moderators: Dr. Evelyn NeuberDr. Kathy Go

“MITOCHONDRIAL REPLACEMENT THERAPY: Towards preventing genetic disease
Dieter Egli, PhD

“The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Reproductive Technologies”
Nikica Zaninovic, PhD

Organized by the New England Fertility Society

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Session 35: COVID Strategies

Tuesday 29 September, 2020. 8PM GMT / 9PM CET / 3PM EST
Moderators: Dr. Mina Alikani & Dr. Alison Campbell

Disinfecting the ART Laboratory
Brianna Calcavecchia

Precautions in the cryopreservation of gametes and embryos in times of Covid-19: can the cure be worse than the disease?
Dr. Nuno Costa-Borges

Physically distant but socially connected
Debbie Venier
This presentation is sponsored by CooperSurgical Fertility and Genomic Solutions

Collections of Video from Clinics around the world

Organized by the International IVF Initiative

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Session 36: In Silico Fertilization

Tuesday 6 October, 2020. 8PM GMT / 9PM CET / 3PM EST
Moderators: Dr. Jacques Cohen & Shaista Sadruddin

Computer Shows Why: Visualizing Machine Learning and Decision
Eyal Gruss 

AI Facial Matching for Gamete Donors and Recipients
Josh Rackstraw 
This presentation is sponsored by FENOMATCH 

Augmented Reality in Gynecological Surgery
Professor Nicolas Bourdel

Sperm-Driven and Sperm-Templated Microrobots
Veronika Magdanz 

Organized by the International IVF Initiative

Session 37: Reproductive BioMedicine In Space

Tuesday 13 October, 2020. 8PM GMT / 9PM CET / 3PM EST
Moderators: Dr. Liesl Nel-Themaat & Giles Palmer

Space: The Final Frontier for Physiology
Dr. Virginia Wotring

Birth Control, Blood Clots, and Babies in Space
Dr. Varsha Jain

Space Environment Significantly Alters Sperm Functions: The Micro-11 Investigation Conducted aboard the International Space Station
Dr. Fathi Karouia

Reproduction in Space: In Vivo and Cross-Generational Effects of Microgravity and Space Radiation
Dr. Sheela Sadruddin

Organized by the International IVF Initiative

Upcoming Schedule

October 19 - October 25, 2020


October 26 - November 1, 2020

Session 38: The Plastic Blastocyst

Tuesday 27 October, 2020. 7PM GMT / 8PM CET / 3PM EST
Moderators: Dr. Denny Sakkas & Dr. Sangita Jindal

Embryonic Diapause: the Real Arrested Development.
Professor Bruce Murphy

The Curious Case of Lactate, a Blastocyst and an Endometrium
Professor David Gardner

Blastoids: Modeling Early Development and Implantation with Stem Cells.
Dr. Nicolas Rivron

Organized by the International IVF Initiative

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November 2 - November 9, 2020

Session 39: Young Guns - Roundtable Discussion Featuring Successful Young Professionals

Tuesday 03 November, 2020. 8PM GMT / 9PM CET / 3PM EST
Moderators: Shaista Sadruddin & Anna McLaughlin

Tom Smith
Alex Bisignano
Dr Sourima Biswas Shivhare
Dr Natalie Getreu

Organized by the International IVF Initiative

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