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Session 100: I3 networking event sponsored by MINC+ from Cook Medical.

International IVF Initiative

Session 100: I3 networking event sponsored by MINC+ from Cook Medical.

How to make the most from the virtual experience by I3

Starts 28th June 12 noon EST/ 6pm UK/ 6pm CET/ 9.30pm India.

Ends 8pm EST (28th) / 10am AEST (29th)


 Watch the video above to learn how to navigate our world.

Some of the highlights, talks and topics in the 100th session by I3 supported by Cook Medical spanning 8hrs on 28th June are listed below!

Celebrating 25yrs of the MINC including the introduction of the new MINC+ with special talks on Humidified incubation, Using the MINC+, Dish tracking and witnessing systems, Embryo transfer best practices & ovum pick-up best practices

Societies on hand such as ALPHA Scientists, SIERR, MEFS, KED ( Turkish Society of Clinical Embryology) with Spanish language rooms, a dedicated Green IVF(TM), Mental Health and Cryogovernance(TM) breakout rooms!

Join us at the Genetics Bar or “Ask us anything rooms” and check out LifeAire Systems,  IVF2.0, ZyMōt Fertility, IMT Matcher, TMRW Life Sciences and Cryosentinel spaces. Discuss current legal issues in the “Policy and Regulation” space lead by Serena H Chen MD.

With Jacques Cohen, Giles Palmer, Peter Nagy, Thomas Elliott, Colin Howles, Shaista Sadruddin, David Albertini, Evelyn, Jason Swain, Cynthia Hudson, Lars Johansson, Alejandro Chavez-Badiola Chavez, Santiago Munné, Manuel Viotti and Darren Griffin and many more!

A chance to network and speak to the "Legacy" team of embryology training schools.

Chat and network at the I3 HQ, the Boardroom and finally have breakfast with colleagues in Australasia!


The 100th I3 sponsored by MINC+ schedule so far!

Rooms available throughout the whole of the summit:

5 Cook Medical rooms, IVFqc, #Cryosentinel, IMT Matcher, Art of A.R.T, LifeAire Systems, #LabDesign, #SalaParaEmbriólogos, #PrecisionEmbryology, #Philosophize, International IVF Initiative HQ, #LetsGoOutside, #TheBoardroom, #Vent! Plus the SUPPORT room.

12pm EST: On Stage: An Introductory by Dr. Jacques Cohen, CEO International IVF Initiative “One hundred I3 events”, Followed by Victor Havill Global Director of Product development “Introducing the Minc+”

12pm EST: Società Italiana Embriologia Riproduzione e Ricerca (SIERR) room opens

1pm EST: Discussion with Louise Best (IVFqc room)
1pm EST: 1pm EST: Care Fertility Masters in Clinical Embryology, UK
1pm EST: Turkish Society of Clinical Embryology , The Middle East Fertility Society (MEFS Embryology SIG ), ZyMōt Fertility rooms opens
1pm EST: “Ask me anything “ Dr. Santiago Munne at the Genetics Bars
1pm EST: “Ask me anything “ Prof David Albertini and Prof. Evelyn Telfer CBE Telfer (AMA room)

2pm EST: Embryotools S.L. room opens
2pm EST: Sperm Chat opens, Allan Pacey will be there to answer questions

3pm EST: On Stage: Victor Havill “Introducing the Minc+”

3pm EST: EmbryoDirector IVF Academy room opens

4pm EST: Dr. Serena H Chen  talks in the Policy and Regulation room with Dr. Lucky Seckon, Dr. Abby Delaney, Dr. Seckhon and Dr.Stephanie Gustin
4pm EST: “Ask me anything “ Prof. Darren Griffin and Dr. Manuel Viotti at the Genetics Bars
4pm EST: Discussion with Gillian Waite, ( IVFqc room)

4pm EST: “Ask me anything “  with Cynthia Hudson ( TMRW room)
4pM EST: “Ask me anything ” Dr. Liesl Nel-Themaat’s advice aspiring young embryologists

5pm EST: Dr. Michael Baker “ The Lab Directors’ Pledge” ( Ask me anything room)
5pm EST: WEST- WEST- World Embryology Skills and Training room opens

6pm EST: On Stage: Giles Palmer, Executive Director International IVF Initiative “ Under pressure- occupational demands and Burnout- the results from the I3 international survey”

6pm EST: “Ask me anything “ Dr. Jason Swain PhD, HCLD (AMA room), #BreakfastInAustralia and #MorenaAotearoa rooms open
6pm EST: Discussion with Jean Popwell, PhD, HCLD, CC ( IVFqc room)

7pm EST: #StressAndOccupationalDemands room opens with Lisa Duran

7pm EST: On Stage: Jason Spittle, Global Director of Training “25years of the MINC”

8pm On Stage: Closing remarks

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