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CSI3: Crime Scene Investigations

Craig Huldie

CSI3: Crime Scene Investigations

Session 84: CSI3


Tuesday, 7th December, 2021.


An experienced CSI/CSM/Coordinator, Supervisor, Fingerprint Lab manager, Trainer and Consultant, having spent over 34 years in the operational world of CSI, he has now set his own CSI training and consultancy business.
He is fully conversant in the investigative process and how best to exploit opportunities when presented.
He has  expanded his portfolio to include capability reviews and gap analysis of specialist department training and infrastructure capabilities and provide roadmaps to success.
He can provide Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) writing and quality management overviews and training. 
He has carried out this type of review in a South American Law Enforcement Agency and provided a report to map out potential future development opportunities.
He delivers "Train the Trainer" courses, Forensic Awareness Courses, assessment of development of training in South America, CSI Stage 1 course (the only officially accredited course in the UK) and also his UK based Crime Scene Coordinators course, working with AECOM and IGCUK and other partners.
Currently he is involved in an ongoing CSI project in Colombia delivering training to Colombian CSI’s, Specialist CSI functions and Prosecutors.

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