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Donor Screening During a Global Pandemic

Corey Burke

Donor Screening During a Global Pandemic

Donor Screening During a Global Pandemic


Corey Burke has worked in the reproductive industry for over 20 years. Working as an andrologist and embryologist he has helped thousands of couples achieve their dream of becoming parents. Over the years he has run embryology, research, and diagnostic laboratories. In 2014 he joined Cryos International as Tissue Bank Director and established Cryos International’s first donor egg bank. As Tissue Bank Director, he is responsible for the safety and quality of donors and their gametes as well as the scientific direction and quality assurance of the Cryos International egg banks around the world.
In 2005, Burke was trained in the relatively new technology of vitrification of embryos and oocytes. This technology produced increased survival rates with embryos, and for the first time allowed oocytes to be effectively and efficiently cryopreserved. Over the next fourteen years he started several fertility preservation programs and worked as a training consultant for a large commercial donor egg bank. He has vitrified tens of thousands of oocytes resulting in hundreds of children. Serving on the American Association of Bioanalyst Legislative Committee, two FDA workshop committees, and the scientific advisory board of a large biotechnology company, Burke is an industry thought leader.

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