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Session 122: Navigating International Surrogacy

International IVF Initiative

Session 122: Navigating International Surrogacy

Session 121: Trace Elements

Tuesday, 3rd October (3 pm EDT / 8 pm UK / 9 pm CET)

The webinar offered a comprehensive global perspective on international surrogacy, addressing its options, opportunities, and potential challenges. It featured legal experts and leading clinical embryologists worldwide who delved into the evolving landscape of surrogacy laws and practices.

Given the dynamic nature of surrogacy regulations across nations, the webinar stressed the importance of clinics comprehending the legal and ethical aspects of both national and international surrogacy. Panelists highlighted significant developments in this field, such as recent UK surrogacy law changes, cross-border reproductive care in Europe, strategies for navigating diverse national regulations, the nuances of surrogacy in the USA (including state-level differences), and best practices emerging in India and globally.

Moderated by Dr. Sangita Jindal, James Lawford Davies, and Dr. Keshav Malhotra, along with Dr. Mara Simopoulou, the webinar also featured presentations, including James Lawford Davies' introduction, Dr. Pedro Brandao's overview of commercial surrogacy, insights from Dr. Sanjay Shukla on surrogacy in India, and Ellen Trachman's discussion of surrogacy in the US. The event concluded with a Q&A session, providing valuable insights for surrogacy professionals worldwide.

Dr. Sangita Jindal

Sangita Jindal earned her PhD in Physiology from the University of Toronto, Canada and became a high-complexity lab director in 1997. For the last 22 years, Dr. Jindal has been on the faculty at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York as Professor and Laboratory Director in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Women’s Health. She has mentored grant-supported translational research projects for a number of trainees at academic programs, and is also an off-site lab director of private and academic IVF labs across the country. Dr. Jindal serves on the ASRM Practice Committee, she was Co-President of the Society for Reproductive Biologists and Technologists (SRBT) in 2011, and is currently President for the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology or SART.

James Lawford Davies

James is a partner at Lawford Davies & Co, a law firm with offices in the UK and Germany.
James specialises in life sciences regulation and litigation. He has a particular interest in human tissue and cell based therapies, and related research. He advises a large number of clinics, hospitals, universities and research centres licensed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA). He has been involved in most of the leading cases relating to IVF, embryo research, genetics and stem cell research.
James is an experienced litigator and has been involved in cases at every level in the UK courts. Much of his work concerns the judicial review of regulatory bodies, and cases arising as a result of regulatory action.

Dr. Keshav Malhotra

Dr. Keshav Malhotra MBBS. MCE, holds a Masters degree in Clinical Embryology from Monash university Australia and is one of the few ESHRE certified Clinical Embryologists from INDIA. He is the Lab Director of Rainbow IVF and now the Director of Malhotra Embryology Training Academy. Dr. Malhotra is the Co chair of SIG Embryology for ASPIRE (Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction), he is also on the executive board of ISAR(Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction) and ISPAT(Indian Society for Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapy). He has worked on Key projects pertaining to Embryology in India like the Occupational Standard for Embryologists (Healthcare Sector Skill Council India-2018) and the ISAR – Embryology Consensus 2019. He was recognised as Budding Embryologist of the Year by Economic Times INDIA -2019

Dr. Pedro Brandão

Pedro Brandão is a Gynecologist at Ginemed Porto, master in Human Reproduction and Biotechnology of Assisted Reproduction and PhD candidate in Clinical and Health Services Research. He has a special interest in assisted reproduction for minorities, in particular LGBTQIA+, third party reproduction and international affairs. He is senior deputy of the ESHRE SIG on Global and Sociocultural aspects of Infertility.

Dr. Sanjay Shukla

Sanjay is a Senior Consultant Clinical Embryologist (Freelance). He is Adjunct Professor of Clinical Embryology, Dept. of Reproductive Medicine & Surgery, Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences & Technology, Jaipur
He has been working in the field of Human reproduction since 1998.

Ellen Trachman

Ellen Trachman founded Trachman Law Centre, LLC in order to bring dedicated and compassionate legal representation to those wishing to build a family through assisted reproductive technology, including surrogacy, egg, sperm, and embryo donation. Originally from northern New Mexico, Ellen attended undergrad at the University of California, Berkeley, and law school at Emory University School of Law in Atlanta, Georgia. Ellen is licensed to practice law in Colorado, New Mexico, California, and Montana. Ellen writes a regular column on assisted reproductive technology legal issues for Above the Law and co-hosts the podcast I Want To Put A Baby In You. Ellen was honoured to be named Ally of the Year in 2020 by the Colorado LGBT Bar Association.

Dr. Mara Simopoulou

Dr. Mara Simopoulou is an Associate Professor of Physiology and Embryology at the Medical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and a Deputy Laboratory Manager at Aretaieio University Hospital IVF Unit. She serves as the Head of the “Research Group of Physiology of Reproduction and Clinical Embryology”. Professor Simopoulou has also been elected as member of the ESHRE  Committee of National Representatives (CNR) representing Greece. She is the founder of the “Advanced Clinical Embryology Group” and Academic and Scientific Director of the “Advanced Course in Clinical Embryology” offered by the Medical School and the Center of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning of NKUA.


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