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Session 1: IVF in the Time of COVID-19

International IVF Initiative

Session 1: IVF in the Time of COVID-19

Session 1: IVF in the Time of COVID-19

Host / Moderator Dr. Jacques Cohen

A Close Look at Viruses and Their Relevance to ART
Dr. Kay Elder

Covid-19 in Liquid Nitrogen: A Potential Time-Bomb?
Dr. Lodovico Parmegiani

Dr. Kay Elder

Dr. Kay Elder

Following an academic career that included degrees in biochemistry (BSc, University of St Andrews), molecular biology (PhD, University of Colorado Medical School) and medicine (MBBChir, Cambridge), Kay Elder joined the Bourn Hall team as Clinical Assistant to Patrick Steptoe in 1984, directing the Out-Patient Department from 1985-1987 before joining the IVF lab as Senior Embryologist. Prior to medical studies in Cambridge, she was a research scientist at Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London. In 1989 she initiated and directed a program of Continuing Education for IVF doctors, scientists and nurses for the next 16 years, during which time she helped to set up and run two Master’s degree programs in Clinical Embryology. Kay was appointed Deputy Editor to Bob Edwards for the journal RBMonline from 2005. She has published 8 textbooks for IVF students, and continues to mentor and tutor postgraduate students of Clinical Embryology at the University of Leeds, as well as teaching medical students at Cambridge University. In her current role as Senior Research Scientist at Bourn Hall, she co-ordinates research collaborations with academic research establishments and provides information and counsels patients who wish to donate gametes or embryos to research.


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