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Tuesday, 14th March (3 pm EST / 7 pm UK /8 pm CET)

This webinar was kindly sponsored by IVF2.0 Ltd.

Course outline/synopsis:

Description: International IVF Initiative(I3)- Online Session 112 : THE INTELLIGENT SPERM [108minutes]
Tuesday, 14th March (3 pm EST / 7 pm UK / 8 pm CET)

The webinar was dedicated to sperm form and function, identifying and selecting the best sperm during the ICSI proceed plus highlighting tips and the best methods for a successful ICSI!
The webinar was moderated by embryologists Dr. Jacques Cohen, Dr. Debbie Montjean and Giles Palmer

There were three speakers, experts in this topic from different fields: Dr. Gerardo Medizabal Ruiz from a background of artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, and computer vision, Embryologist, Lab director, Prof. Deirdre Zander and M.D, Dr. Peter N. Schlegel.

Dr. Gerardo Medizabal Ruiz shed new light on the familiar topic of sperm form from a computer imaging viewpoint highlighting existing AI technology to evaluate sperm and gave an update on clinical results using the SiD AI software for sperm selection during ICSI.
Prof. Deirdre Zander gave an extensive review of the work that has been done on PIEZO-ICSI technique and presented her own groups data on the use and possible advantages over conventional ICSI. Practical advice was given to the preparation, validation and competence using this new techniques was also discussed, while Dr. Peter N. Schlegel showed through his extensive practical experience and data illustrating best practise when considering diagnosis and treating men who require surgical sperm removal. Dr Schlegel concentration also on testicular sperm characteristics in men and their impact on intracytoplasmic sperm injection outcome.

After the presentations followed an extensive questions and answers section that invited questions from the audience to participate with all presenters and moderators.

Giles Palmer and Dr. Jacques Cohen

Dr. Debbie Montjean

Search for the perfect sperm-Update of SiD data: Dr. Gerardo Medizabal Ruiz

PIEZO-ICSI increases fertilization rates compared with standard ICSI: a prospective cohort study: Prof. Deirdre Zander

Testicular sperm characteristics in men and their impact on intracytoplasmic sperm injection outcome: Dr. Peter N. Schlegel


Dr Debbie Montjean received her doctoral degree in 2011(University Paris VI) after she had graduated from a master’s degree in physiology and physiopathology with a specialization in reproductive and developmental biology (University Paris VII). Her PhD research project dealt with genetic and epigenetic anomalies associated with male infertility. Dr Debbie Montjean worked during 9 years as a clinical and research embryologist in France and she currently works as the IVF laboratories director at Fertilys fertility clinics (Canada).


A/Prof Deirdre Zander-Fox has worked in ART since 2004. She completed a BSc followed by an Honours degree (First Class) in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Adelaide. In 2010, she graduated with a PhD in Reproductive Medicine in which she undertook novel research into the impact of in-vitro stress on preimplantation embryo development, viability, and metabolism.
She is currently the Monash IVF Group Chief Scientific Officer as well as being Regional Scientific Director overseeing Monash IVF Victoria, Albury and Malaysia. She is currently responsible for the scientific directorship, operations and provision of clinical Embryology, Andrology, Endocrinology, and Genetic Testing services within these clinics.
In addition to her clinical roles, A/Prof Zander-Fox also holds multiple academic positions including Adjunct Associate Professor positions at two major Australian Universities (Monash University and University of Adelaide) as well as holding National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) research funding. Through these university affiliations she is involved in multiple collaborative research projects as well as supervision of PhD and honors students.


Peter N. Schlegel, M.D., is James J. Colt Professor of Urology, as well as Professor of Reproductive Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College. He has been recognized for his clinical and research activities in over 300 peer-reviewed publications as well as by numerous national and international awards, including the Established Clinician Award from ESHRE, The Barringer Medal from the American Association of GU Surgeons and the Maurice Greenberg Distinguished Service Award. His contributions to patient care were also recognized by RESOLVE (Barbara Eck Manning Founders Award) in 2018. He is a former President of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the Society for the Study of Male Reproduction and Urology, Society of Reproductive Surgeons as well as the Society for the Study of Male Reproduction, and he is a former trustee of the American Board of Urology.


Gerardo Mendizabal received the B.E. degree in electronic engineering in 2003, the M. Sc. degree in computer science and industrial mathematics in 2007, and the Ph. D. in computer science from the University of Houston, U.S.A. in 2012. He is currently a research scientist at the University of Guadalajara, México. His current research interest includes artificial intelligence, deep learning, big data, pattern recognition, and computer vision. He was head of product development at IVF 2.0. where he was in charge of conceptualizing and designing AI based assistants that can enhance the decision-making during IVF procedures

Moreover, he is the VP of product development at Conceivable Life Sciences where he is in charge of leading the efforts toward the automation of the IVF lab pipeline.


Jacques Cohen is a reproductive biologist, clinical embryologist and laboratory product developer. He lives in New York but was born and educated in The Netherlands where he started his career in embryology in 1976. He came to the USA via the UK where he worked at Bourn Hall Clinic with Bob Edwards and Patrick Steptoe in the early 1980s. He directed the embryology laboratories of RBA in Atlanta (1985), Cornell University Medical Center in NYC (1989) and Saint Barnabas Medical Center (1995). He retired from clinical embryology in 2003 and pursued a career in setting up and running startup companies sub-specializing in diagnostic and therapeutic aspects in assisted reproductive technology. Companies he has been associated with as product developer and co-founder are Reprogenetics, the first PGTA company, IVF-online later rebranded as Life Global, and Althea Science with the brand IVFqc.  More recently he became the Chief Science Officer (CSO) of IVF 2.0 which specializes in IVF Artificial Intelligence (AI) products and the CSO of CONCEIVABLE which is an IVF Robotics company based in Mexico, the UK and USA.

He has (co-)authored more than 300 publications, several textbooks and 14 patents.  He is Emeritus Chief Editor of Reproductive Biomedicine Online. He was one of the founders of Alpha – Scientists in Reproductive Medicine, one of the founders of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis International Society – PGDIS and is a founding member of the International IVF Initiative (i3).

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