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Session 115 : Brilliant Minds: new approaches in ART and fertility treatment

International IVF Initiative

Session 115 : Brilliant Minds: new approaches in ART and fertility treatment

Session 115 : Brilliant Minds: new approaches in ART and Fertility treatment

Tuesday, 9th May (3 pm EST / 8 pm UK / 9 pm CET)

In this webinar on entrepreneurship, innovation, and big data, the world of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and fertility treatment took centre stage. The event was moderated by Fran Farlie, Francesca Steyn, and Abigail Sirus, and it delved into the remarkable ways that artificial intelligence and data analytics revolutionized the field.

The webinar opened with Dr. Helen O'Neill, an esteemed expert in the field, presenting her talk titled "Data Transforming Women's Healthcare." Dr. O'Neill discussed the profound impact of big data on IVF and fertility treatments, highlighting how comprehensive data analysis enabled personalized and effective solutions for patients. She explored the potential of data-driven approaches to optimize treatments, improve success rates, and empower women in their reproductive journeys.

Victoria Roberson took the virtual stage next to address the crucial topic of "Regulating AI and New Technologies in Medicine." Roberson, an authority on medical ethics and regulations, shed light on the challenges associated with the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence in reproductive medicine. She emphasized the importance of establishing robust regulatory frameworks to ensure the ethical and responsible use of AI and other emerging technologies. Roberson's insights ignited a thought-provoking discussion on striking the right balance between innovation and patient safety.

Lastly, Daniella Gilboa shared her expertise in her talk titled "Taking the IVF Clinic Through a Digital Transformation - How to Do It Right." Gilboa, an industry leader in digital health solutions, unravelled the intricacies of implementing a successful digital transformation in an IVF clinic. She provided valuable guidance on leveraging technology, streamlining processes, and optimizing patient experiences. Gilboa's presentation offered practical insights and best practices for clinics looking to embrace innovation and enhance their services.

Following the presentations, the session transitioned into an engaging Q&A and discussion segment, providing participants with the opportunity to interact with the presenters and delve deeper into the topics of entrepreneurship, innovation, and big data in assisted reproductive technology (ART) and fertility treatment. Participants actively contributed their perspectives, shared success stories, and sought advice on navigating the evolving landscape of fertility treatment.

The event showcased the advancements made thus far and highlighted the importance of responsible regulation and ethical considerations to ensure the continued progress of this remarkable field.




Fran is a trainee embryologist with Concept Fertility, where she started her career as a reproductive science practitioner back in 2020. She completed her BSc in Anatomy, Developmental and Human Biology at King’s College London where she was awarded the Hamilton Prize for highest graduating student, followed by her MSc in Human Clinical Embryology and Assisted Conception at the University of Dundee.

While working in the clinical laboratory environment, Fran soon noticed the amount of waste and lack of environmental consideration in medical practice. Inspired by attending an I3 Webinar on Green IVF, Fran had a light-bulb moment and started to challenge the “it has to be that way because that is how it has always been” mindset and sought for more sustainable options. Fran was made the Green Ambassador of her clinic and set up the first Concept Fertility Green Committee. She has since presented at the ARCS Summer Symposium and been accepted to present at Fertility 2023 where she will continue to push for sustainable change in the ART field.


Francesca Steyn is the Director of Fertility, Women’s Health and Clinical Governance at Peppy. She has a special interest in donor conception, surrogacy and fertility care for LGBTQIA people.
She is the chair of the RCN Fertility Nurses Forum and has published UK Department of Health guidance on surrogacy best practice and care in surrogate births. She is a multi awarded fertility nurse and has had the opportunity to present her work on both national and international platforms. She is also a member of the legislative reform advisory group, appointed by the HFEA to modernise the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act and currently sits on the NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) guideline group for fertility care.


Abigail Sirus is a member of the life sciences investment team for the Special Situations Funds and is a venture capital investor in reproductive medicine.
After graduating from Boston College, Abigail joined IBM as a technology consultant focused on blockchain implementations for healthcare and life sciences clients. Abigail was IBM lead for the FDA DSCSA Blockchain Interoperability Pilot collaboration with KPMG, Merck, and Walmart, and for the New York State Excelsior Pass Project (COVID-19 HealthPass) which used blockchain for digital identity validation, then joined. IBM’s Alternative Monetization team which monetizes IP assets across IBM's business units and was part of a core team that provided strategy and M&A activities for emerging technologies like blockchain and quantum computing.


Dr Helen O'Neill (MSc, PhD) is the CEO and Founder of Hertility, an innovative health-tech company where science meets life through the application of a precision medicine-based approach to reproductive health. Dr Helen is a tenured lecturer at University College London (UCL) in Reproductive and Molecular Genetics. She has a Master of Science in Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine and a PhD in Stem Cell Biology from UCL. Her research focuses on pre-implantation embryo development and the use of machine learning to predict gynaecological pathologies.



Victoria Robertson is a commercial and data law specialist and a partner at international law firm Trowers & Hamlins. She focusses upon high value and complex contracts and projects and in particular those involving data protection and other regulatory issues. She has particular expertise in a wide range of IT agreements.
Victoria is vastly experienced in dealing with tricky contractual issues especially where personal data and regulatory issues are involved. She regularly advises clients in the private and public sectors upon matters including regulatory compliance, and international transfers and innovative usage of personal data.

Victoria is ranked by Legal 500 as a leading individual in her sector, and described as "a trusted adviser", "very practical and very commercial", "unflappable" and "calm under pressure".

Victoria advises clients within various sectors including IT and technology, healthcare, charities and the public sector. She has a particular interest in the healthcare sector and especially in fertility. She is a chair of the regulatory committee for the AI Fertility Society.


Daniella Gilboa is an accomplished clinical embryologist, biostatistician, IVF researcher, and co-founder and CEO of AIVF, a reproductive technology company transforming the fertility journey. Throughout her years in Reproductive Medicine, Gilboa helped hundreds of individuals conceive and realized the massive potential of technology to help evolve fertility care into the digital era. She is committed to scientific discovery and contributes to international conferences, academic journals and takes active parts on various committees in the field.



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